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Southern Okanagan's premier RV trailer rental company providing the best vacation memories to you and your family with the best trailers and vacation spots within the sunny South Okanagan region from Peachland to Osoyoos

Rental Information:

Any 2023 B&B RV rentals operated by RV Days will be governed by the RV Days Rental Policy:https://www.rvdays.ca/rental-info/rental-policy/

Stationery trailers that we deliver and set up include damage insurance  in the rental price. Any damage to the trailers will be billed to the  customer’s credit card number on file.

Should any damage occur, do not have repairs done without notifying B&B RV. Under no circumstances will you move one of our units - immediate eviction and forfeit of your damage deposit will occur.  For emergencies, our delivery team must be utilized to move the unit.

Checkout time Penticton: 10:00 am

Checkout time Osoyoos:  9:00 am


A reservation deposit of $400.00 is required to hold a unit at the time of booking. We accept Visa and Mastercard for  deposits. The deposit will be refunded within 4 days when unit is  returned clean and undamaged.  All rental fees, delivery fees and taxes must be paid 30 days prior to rental, the reservation deposit changes to the Damage Deposit..

Note: ALL UNITS ARE NON-SMOKING, sorry -  NO PETS ALLOWED inside the unit.


A 24 hour grace period from time of booking applies after which time  a $75 per week cancellation fee will apply. A $200 cancellation fee per week of rental will apply if canceled after  90 days of original booking. If you have a 2 week booking and cancel  only one week the full reservation deposit will be forfeited.

There will be no refunds on payments made if canceled  within 30 days of beginning of rental. B&B RV Rental has the right to refuse rental if original agreement is partially  canceled or altered by the renter.  This is due to the scheduling  of deliveries of units. Scheduling is done in advance based on the  rentals booked, therefore it may not be possible to pick-up or deliver  if a particular rental is canceled wholly or partially.

Unit Cleaning:

Units are delivered clean and undamaged and are expected to be returned in the same condition, or cleaning charges will be levied. Each unit is supplied  with cleaning supplies. Please ensure that counters, table tops, tubs/showers,  sinks  and appliances are wiped down and floor is swept. Any spills on carpets, or upholstery wiped up. If a carpet or upholstery needs professional cleaning due to excess spillage, etc. a cleaning charge of $100 will apply. $100 will be charged for exceptionally unclean units. A $200 service charge will be applied for emptying and cleansing holding tanks if allowed to backup into bathtubs, or sinks on unsewered sites.


During delivery / setup, and after your stay, during the pack up, our delivery team checks each awning to ensure it is in perfect working order condition. The use of awnings is the sole responsibility of the renter.  If you wish to not to be responsible for the awning, please leave the awning retracted in the upright position. If the awning becomes damaged during your stay, you will be charged with it’s repair. 

If you are using the awning, please be sure to keep one side slightly lower during rain to allow for drainage. Do not leave the awning un-attended, never leave the awning out while in bed, please do not hang anything on the awning, or it’s arms, and never leave the awning out in the wind. Please ensure the awning is raised high enough so the the entry doors do not rub, or tearing of the awning can occur.

Air Conditioning:

A/C units that malfunction during a rental period will be repaired  as quickly as is reasonably possible. A/C repairmen are  extremely busy during the summer holiday season, and cannot always provide  same-day service, therefore, refunds or discounts for failed Air Conditioning  will only be considered in the case of unusual delays--i.e. longer than  two days. The rental company will provide fans if needed.

Peachland Vacation + Summerland vacation

Please note that RV air conditioning is not designed for use over  extended periods of time. They can ice up if left on for too long, especially  if set too cold or if doors and windows are left open. Turn the A/C  off if you plan to be out of the unit for any length of time. If icing occurs, you will notice very little airflow from the vents  and a lack of cooling. Should this happen, turn the A/C off for 2-3  hours minimum to thaw out.

TVs / Stereos:

Be a good neighbour when using the TV/VCRs or Radio/Stereo/CD Players,  as noise carries far in campgrounds.

Failure of TV's or Stereos is not considered a breakdown, and will  not be fixed during a rental period.

Additional Service Charges:

  • $100 if you lock yourself out and require assistance to get back in.
  • $50 if you lose your keys
  • $400 evidence of smoking in trailers.
  • $100 Carpets returned dirty where professional cleaning is required
  • $100 Cleaning charge for exceptionally unclean units as outlined in; Unit Cleaning/Damage
  • $200 Emptying and cleansing charge for units not on sewer where the  tanks have not been emptied and allowed to overflow into the bathtub  and or sink.
  • Lost or damaged equipment - depends on each piece of equipment


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